Building of terraces

Our services:

* Construction of terrace foundation (soil peeling, the casting of post foundations)

* Terrace frame construction (foundation and superstructure construction)

*Installation of terrace boards (with screws, cover screws, clips)

* Construction of terrace stairs

* Construction of terrace lighting systems


If you want to build a terrace yourself, the installation guide offers you assistance:

Thermory Installation Guide_TERRACE

Spring 2019 Construction work on a terrace in Randvere:

Vundamendi märkimine ja puurimine            Pinnase koorimine

Foundation marking and drilling                        Soil peeling

Karkassi ehitus            Karkassi ehitus

Frame construction                                              Frame construction

Karkass valmis            Laudise paigaldus

The frame is ready                                               Installation of boarding

Terrass valmis            Terrass valmis

The terrace is ready                                             The terrace is ready